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Germany will spend £450mi. to help 2400K Holocaust victims around the world struggling due to covid

The Show Time/source Daily Mail

The funds, which will be delivered in the form of two 1,200 euros (£1,082) donations to each survivor over the next two years, will go to approximately 240,000 people around the world, primarily in Israel, North America, the former Soviet Union and Western Europe. With the end of World War II now 75 years in the past, Holocaust survivors are all elderly, and because many were deprived of proper nutrition when they were young today they suffer from numerous medical issues. In addition, many live isolated lives having lost their entire families and also have psychological issues because of their persecution under the Nazis. 'There's this kind of standard response for survivors, that 'we've been through worse, I've been through worse and if I survived the Holocaust, through the deprivation of food and what we had to go through, I'll get through this,' said Greg Schneider, of the New York-based Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany - also referred to as the Claims Conference. 'But if you probe deeper you understand the depths of trauma that still resides within people. Each of those survivors will receive two payments of 1,200 euros (£1,082) over the next two years, for an overall commitment of approximately 564 million euros (£508million) to some of the poorest survivors alive today.

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