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Google bans Paytm and Dream 11 from Play Store, repeated violations.

The Show Time / VEE D ESS

Earlier today Google pulls Paytm from its play Store and at 7:00Pm IST Paytm was back at the Google Play Store. Some services of Paytm are permanently banned from the play store " Paytm First games". Application was working with fantasy games just like dream 11, an application in which users could choose there own team fort the following match and then based on the performence of the players in the match the users would earn real money. This supported online betting which is illegal in India and also violates the gambling policy of the play store. Google also warned other applications like Disney+ hotstar to not show any kind of advertisement regarding fantasy games. Google said that they had many times in the past warned Paytm about there violations of the policy. They wanted to set an example for other developers to not violate the gambling policies of the play store . And after this banned they have started blocking Google developers account of the developed who are in violating of there policies. So only the Paytm First games application was permanently removed from the play store and the Paytm wallet application was again permission to store with a final warning but on the other hand an application like dream 11 which only worked in sports betting is been permanently removed during the Google Play Store.

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