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Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi turns its caravan to The City Beautiful

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

After launching the much awaited trailer of Eros International and Aanand L Rai’s Colour Yellow Productions, Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi, the cast and crew of the laughter riot have started the promotional city tours, also landing in the city beautiful of Chandigarh.  

Sonakshi Sinha who plays the role of Harpreet aka Happy was recently spotted in the city for the press conference of the comedy of errors along with her co-star Jassie Gill and director Mudassar Aziz. The happy crew who arrived in a happy car will be traveling to different cities promoting the movie. 

Image by Mayank Chadha

The director of the film, Mudassar Aziz and the cast of the film is all praises for the debutant Jassie Gill who has speacially learned Mandarin for the film which was shot in China. He says, "Jassie had no problem understanding the film's concept and is a very good actor. We chose Jassie as an actor for the film on watching his acting in one of his music videos Nakhre. There is one shot in the video where the Jassie Gill has a dialogue part, so that influenced me to cast him for the role of Khushwant Singh Gill." 

Image By Mayank Chadha

Jassie Gill himself talks about his stint with the Bollywood, "You know 4-5 years back the trend in Punjabi music videos started where a storyline was showcased through the music video matching the song lyrics. We had to show the story in just 3 minutes where our acting part comes forward. So, while doing the different characters for my music videos, I had already became camera friendly. Acting is learning everyday something new. In my first Bollywood film also, I learned so many new things that I never knew. I had taken up a month's workshop before the film to prepare myself for the role of Khushwant Singh Gill which included learning Mandarin language." 

Image By Mayank Chadha

Sonakshi Sinha is also all praises for the actor, "I am so enthralled to see the love and support his city is providing to Jassie on his debut. Jassie was a complete shy person during the start. But, then eventually he opened up and spread such positive energy on the sets. Well, everyone knows me for being a prankster, so I pulled one on Jassie too. During the shoot one day, I told Jassie that it's my birthday today even though my birthday is on 2nd June. Because I knew Jassie is so active on his snapchat, he was putting up stories all day long that it's Sona's birthday and all. And then, I asked Jassie to not put so many posts about my birthday as I am a very private person but the real reason was that his fans were already pointing out that it's not my birthday at all.

So, at last he asked me to be a part of his Snapchat video where he wishes me and I tell him finally, it's not my birthday at all! He was so shocked and we all had a good laugh, so it was fun shooting with all of them. Anyways, they all don't consider me a non-Punjabi. Jassie says that from the looks, my eating habits, my understanding of the culture and the language, I am a complete Punjabi by heart. A daler Punjabi, in fact." 

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