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Haryana PWD issues advisory against using Air Conditioning in offices because of the current COVID19

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Covid-19 spreads due to droplets specially coming out after coughing and sneezing.

This Disease is highly infectious when these droplets mix with dust particle and set on different material. If the environment of this area is cool and air conditioned, they remain for longer time. Proper ventilation and increase in temperature reduces the magnitude of virus in that particular area.

So, Air Conditioning should be used under strict restriction when absolutely needed.

Normally open window gives better ventilation and is very effective for controlling the transmission of disease,

Hence, it is recommended that air conditioning should not be used in offices or be used very restrictively.

The advice in brief is as under:

1. Residential Applications:

a) Fans should be operated with window kept partly open. If an exhaust fan is located at a nearby location then it must be kept running to exhaust air for better ventilation.

b) Desert Coolers must draw air from outside to ensure good ventilation. Windows must be kept open to release the humid air. Portable room coolers that do not draw outd air are not recommended.

c) Room Air Conditioners (Window/Split AC Type) 2 / 3 Window AC /Split AC should be operational in the vacant room absence people to cool the premises. However before entry of persons in room, air conditioner must be switched off to avoid contamination through mixed air circulation by Air conditioner. Thereafter ceiling fan should be kept running. Adequate ventilation must be ensured by opening the windows

2. Office Applications:

Following units are generally used in office buildings.

1) Multiple Hi Wall units (Window Split Type AC) used due to ease of installation

and low cost.

2) Multiple Cassette Unit Ceiling mounted units that can cool upto 50 sqmtr. and can be control individually or as a group. 3) Tower Units for larger spaces, where most occupants are not stationaiy thus,

allowing for higher drafts.

4) Ducted Units 21 mini central Air Conditioning System that is easy to operate.

5) Fan Coil Units installed in Guest Rooms, Individual office spaces or Patient


6) Air Handling Units can provide better ventilation, Filtration and Coil disinfecting


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