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Honey Singh booked for domestic violence, wife alleges emotional, physical abuse

Bollywood's famous rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh's wife Shalini Singh filed a plea at Delhi's Tis Hazari Court on Wednesday, accusing him of domestic violence, among other serious allegations. Shalini filed a120-page petition which details her multiple allegations against the rapper.

The petition includes names of Hirdesh Singh (Honey Singh's real name) as a respondent, along with the rapper's parents and younger sister. The petition mentioned how the singer's attitude towards his wife changed suddenly when they reached Mauritius, for their honeymoon in 2011. It said that Honey Singh was 'rude, brash and cold' towards Shalini and when she confronted the rapper, he pushed her on the bed and told her that he got married to her against his will, only due to the 'commitment he had made towards her'.

She also accused him of leaving her alone on the trip, and for being in a drunken state. When she asked him about it, he puller her hair, slapped her and told her to 'shut up'.

The complainant also mentioned how Honey Singh refused to take her along on his tours and 'began having frequent casual sex with multiple women'. He never disclosed to the world that he was married and refused to wear his wedding ring in public, saying that diamonds are bad luck for him. The petition also said that when pictures from their wedding were leaked online, he 'mercilessly beat up' Shalini, accusing her of being the one behind the leak. To cover up the news about his marriage, the singer got someone to morph those pictures and make it look as if the photos were from a movie shoot.

Besides this, she also claimed that her father-in-law once walked into her room in an inebriated condition while she was changing her clothes and grazed his hands over her chest. Shalini further said that there is evidence to show various acts of domestic violence perpetrated upon her, requesting the court to issue orders against the rapper.

Shalini has sought ₹10 crore compensation under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, saying she felt like a 'farm animal...being treated cruelly'. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Tania Singh has issued a notice to Honey Singh, directing him not to alienate or create any third party rights in their jointly owned property in Noida or dispose of his wife's jewellery and other articles, said her lawyer.

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