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Horoscope based on Sun sign

The Show Time/Karn Munjal Special offers on 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays For a Private Tarot session Tarot at Parties or events Learning Tarot Cards Call or WhatsApp on 9501011532 Aries ♈: You may have to experiment and test the waters if you are planning on doing something new. Some of you may be required to travel. Work frustrations may arise. And hard work may be needed either at work or a situation in life. Also, you may be required to turn your boat out of troubled waters into calmer waters. Suggestions: Try and stay positive, fiery and outspoken. Also, try spending time alone whenever the need arises. Taurus ♉️: You may have some new opportunities at hand. Luck may favour some of you. Professionally you may have to be domineering. Certain dissatifactions or detachments may be there. Moreover, you may be able to overcome certain situations that you may be faced with. Suggestion: If you are looking for expanding something, you may give it a try. Also, travelling may be good for you. Gemini ♊: A mixed month for you. You may have happy times and bright prospects. Also, you may get a reason to celebrate. There may be times when you may feel that things are not going, the way you want them to. Some of you may be required to take a journey. You may have to balance opposite polarities to deal with a situation. Suggestion: Be gentle and caring with people around you. Also, reflect back over your shoulder. Cancer ♋: You may feel chained and may try to break some chains. Also, You may feel restless and be outspoken at times. Follow your ambitions. You may get some support in it. Moreover, you may have some situations to deal with and at times you may also feel lost, but you may have something to look forward to. Suggest: Try and celebrate the bright happenings. Leo ♌: A good week for young people. Some of you may see some improvements in certain things. You may need to take out some time to rest or relax. At times, you may feel detatched from certain things. Also, new opportunities may be there. Suggestion: Juggle between two situations or things only if it is necessary. Virgo ♍: This month can bring in some surprise elements. At times you feel detatched to some situation in life and may need to work there. Some sort of stability may be there in a situation. Also, you may be cold, abrasive and demand respect. Suggestion: Experiment before executing something. Also, be gentle, understanding and emotional to people and situations around you. Libra ♎: You'll feel quite comfortable this month. You may have to act in a balanced way and may have to test waters. Those who have a document or legal situation, may have things moving. Deal with things gently rather than arrogantly. Suggestion: Spend wisely. Also, make your investments and savings in a secure area. Scorpio ♏: You may visit someone or may have visitors. Also, you may have some bright happenings. There may be some speedy situation or finish. If you are a professional, you may have to be domineering. Suggestion: Try and spend time with animals and in nature. Also, spending time with kids will be good. Avoid deceiving someone and vice-a-versa. Sagittarius ♐: You may spend some time with your family or loved ones. Also, some you may sign some agreement or document. You may have troubles for which you may not be prepared. Suggestion: Put your energies in things that you may have planned. Moreover, avoid overburdening yourself. Capricorn ♑: There may be certain things which may have a speedy situation or finish. If you have any new ideas or are thinking about starting something new, you may consider it. Also, you may need some soul searching time. This month you may have some choices to make. Suggestion: You may need more confidence in certain things. Maintain your respect and dignity. Aquarius ♒: This month could bring excesses for a few of you. So, be careful not to become too greedy. You may have to let go of certain emotions. Also, some of you may have to take a stand. You may achieve contentment in certain areas and may have things to worry about in others. Suggestion: Don't take any major decision and play safe and secure. Also, meeting or connecting with people will be beneficial. Pisces ♓: Stability or stabilising influence may come in some sphere of life. Also, you may have to juggle around two situations or ideas. A few of you may have some emotional moments. You may get a reason to celebrate. Some good things may happen. Suggestion: Avoid overburdening yourself. Also, take a stand wherever necessary.

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