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New statesman


FREEDOM to speech, in other words, not being held as a prisoner of your own tongue to voice out opinions, arguments, or criticism. This freedom seems to be silenced by the Indian government, media, and the followers of the honorable Prime Minister of India. Our right to express disappointment or state facts and figures or even to ask the right kind of questions is supposedly being suppressed all over the country. You cannot speak ill of the government, no criticism or cross-questioning is being tolerated by upholding our thoughts and words. Article 19 states that all citizens have freedom of speech and expression. But, there is a string of sheep that attacks you verbally, on social media, or by taking the law in their hands. It's like the goons or the certain political party's law imposers couldn't reach every nook and corner, they have built-in a civilian army to bash you up. With free minds lies the road to success. If a government is elected democratically then they would receive applaud for good work and criticism for certain measures that might not be in favor of the economy. But now the words are curbed and you can't speak anything with logic as you would be attacked personally or professionally. That is why media and politicians are alleged to be bought out because we are supposed to perceive only truths that the ruling government seems fit. The times of directorship are most likely on our heads and imprisonment for your thoughts and words would soon be everyday examples.

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