I'm Lucked out to be family with the Khan's - Aayush Sharma

Ayush Sharma, brother in law of Salman Khan was in Chandigarh to launch the Being Human jewellery store which is a first in India. He says that everyone in the family is very excited for the new venture. Ayush spoke, "Two years before we announced this thing. It was only available in selected stores and online, but this is the very first store. We didn't choose Chandigarh, it chose us. We had opted to give the franchise and I personally believe that Chandigarh is a huge market." 

Being family was he a part of the Being Human inauguration, Ayush spoke, "I believe I am very lucky to be a part of this charitable trust, Being Human. It sends out a very positive message and in any part if I am being able to connect with it, I will. I'm lucked out because I'm family."

Asked about his style quotient, "I always prefer sunglasses. Glasses, caps, shoes are the best accessories. Bracelets are not my accessories, bit I do wear rings and ripped jeans." 

Ayush spoke about her wife Arpita's love for her jewellery, "Arpita was one of the few people in the family who loves wearing jewellery. She's very easy girl to impress because you just have to give her jewellery. Now even it's cheaper for me because Being Human jewellery is here." 

Ayush also said about his future projects, "I am reading a few scripts and probably in a month or two, I will be announcing some things. " Ayush also expresses that he wants to come to romantic roles, "The kind of love, I have been getting a lot of love. I want to come back to romantic roles but I want to explore more. As an actor I want to do all of the comic, action and other genres. I'm a sort of entertainer, I want to do everything that would entertain the audience. I want that to be seen in films that a whole family can watch. Just like Salman Khan films, a film which is not at all controversial and entertains all." 

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