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Independace Day Celebration with TV Cartoon CharacterShiva More than 200 primary kids

Chandigarh, August 14, 2019: Independence Day is celebrated every year with grand celebrations across the country. Many programs are organized in all schools of the country. India's leading kids entertainment channel, Nickelodeon has celebrated every occasion with a twist and has been emphasizing the importance of the true purpose of celebrating each festival. On this Independence Day, the channel is addressing the challenges facing India despite completing 73 years of independence with its innovative campaign, Mera Wala India. Taking inspiration from what a ideal India should be like from the point of view of a child, this channel is presenting the imagination of an ideal and independent country from the point of view of a child.

As part of this effort, children in schools organized a reverse march in this campaign raising problems such as water conservation, safety, sanitation, education for all and stereotyping even after 73 years of independence. Shiva, the most popular Nickelodeon character, led a reverse march at New Public School in Chandigarh and encouraged positive changes in children's behavior. Expanding its digital and social media reach, the campaign aims to encourage children to express their own adaptation of 'Mera Wala India' and this positive change in the society not only among children, but also among elders The intention was to encourage the resolution. .

Regarding this campaign, Ms. Harpreet, a teacher from New Public School, Chandigarh, said, "It is a pleasure to see children learning with a twist.

" This campaign made all of us think that are we doing our right to keep India independent? All of us should contribute to the creation of India of our expectations. "
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