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India and china foreign minister meeting in Moscow aimd boder tension

The Show Time/ Vee D Ess

India and china foreign ministers (Subrahmanyam Jaishankar and Wang Yi) met on the sidelines of a meeting in Moscow this thursday and have agreed to quickly extricate form the face off between the boder forces of both countries including accusations of kidnapping to eachother Both foreign ministers met on thursday willing to de-escalate the situation the conditions between the both countries who's soldiers have confronted each other regularly in the past few months on a border which is poorly marked which is called LAC (Line of Actual Control). Both countries have accused each other for invading their territories which has many times turned deadly for both the countries. India and china both countries agreed that the current situations would be in the profit of either of them and boder forces of their countries should keep talking while maintaining distance form each other on the border which would help in easing the tension between both super powers. They also added that they both would be putting some new measures in action in the coming future which will also help in calming down the situation.

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