India's new parliament building till 2022, ₹861.9Cr. amid economic crisis.

The Show Time / Vee D Ess

The parliament building will be constructed by Tata projects limited for eight hundred and sixty two crores for this project the company defeated Larsen and Toubro at the bidding war, who submitted the bid of ₹865Cr. The new building is part of center's Vista beautification project. The new bulking is planned to be completed before 2022 for the 75th anniversary of the country. Also India will also be hosting the Geneva G20 summit in that year. The Central Public Works Department opened the financial bids for the construction of a new parliament building at there estimation for ₹940Cr. The new parliament building will be in a triangle shape and will be constructed near the current building at plot number 118 of the parliament House estate. The current parliament building is square in shape, built during the British rule and is one of them most applauded structures of the country. The parliament is a design copy of the 8th Lord Shiva temple. And government says the current design shows signs of distress and is a very old building which iss been overused. The new building will have more sitting space. The current building will be renovated and used for some other use. But still the big question remains standing that is it necessary in middle of pandemic and the biggest recession this country has ever seen. While opposition has gone to court asking the same question.

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