Indian government demanding WhatsApp to trace user messages

The Show Time/ Vee D Ess Indian Government demanding Facebook owned Whatsapp that would involve every message sent through it's platform be passed through the Indian Government and help them moniter each message. The Government purposed their idea to Whatsapp in February and explained it would help them prevent cyber attacks through out the sate. This all came after the new updated privacy policy from Whatsapp that would allow them to share its private data with Facebook. WhatsApp has stated that it is impossible for its staff to monitor billions of messages sent every minute nor is it feasible to store every message on its servers for long. The Government is willing to alter the terms of their proposed Idea inorder to meet the final goal to trace user messages within India. The government has many interests in tightening up security on social media ranging with specifically in the region of Kashmir, ranging on the farmers protest and protecting cyber crime.

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