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INSO announces its Students panel on Tuesday in PU

The race to win this year Panjab University's elections has got electrifying energy in the campus with every student party trying to get more of student votes through campaigns. On Tuesday, INSO student party announced their panel with all green flags being waved in the Student Centre. The major players for INSO this year would be PU President Vineet Sahrawat, Party President Gaurav Dhiman, Chairman Rajat Nain, Senior Campus President Rizul Chhabra, Party In-Charge Puneet Sheera along with other influencial students from the University. 

The party this year has introduced Himanshi as President and Himani Gill as Girls Wing In-Charge of the Girls Wing of INSO Student Committee. Also, present were Jaswinder Khera, Aman, Kajal, Somvir, Manoj Jaurasi, Sachin Chandoli, Anil Dhull and Ankit Sagwan who are reputed leaders of INSO. 

On the occasion, party was cheering the spirit of their supporters and letting students know about their work and achievements. Vineet Sahrawat said on the moment of announcement, "I'm quite proud to let the students know tha INSO is the only political party that has a special wing dedicated to girls and has a lifelong legacy to be known as student's favorite political party. This year too we are focusing on the welfare of the girls in the University as our prime task." 
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