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Interesting!! Will Vikrant fulfill Ramneek's promise?

So far, the audience has witnessed joy in Soham and Ramnik's marriage as preparations for Mata Ki Chowki are underway to bless the newlyweds. However, today's episode will be full of drama, where Pragya asks women not to go to the Mata Ki Chowki as the Chowki has been organized by widow women. Seeing this, Ramneek says that the famous chef Vikrant will also be present at the Chowki to cook food. Surprisingly, Vikrant comes to their place at the same time where he gets to know that people have gathered there in the hope that he would be making food for everyone. How will Vikrant react to all of this madness? Will Vikrant really help in cooking for Amrita? To know what will be Vikrant’s decision, tune in to Zee Punjabi at 7 pm only on ‘Sasse ni Sasse- Tu Khushiyan Ch Vasse’.

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