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iPhone users will soon be able to play Fortnite again

The Show Time/source UNILAD

The legal battle between Epic Games and Apple shocked Fortnite fans, and it resulted in the game being removed on Apple products. But there now appears to be a way to play the game on iPhones. When Epic took issue with the commission Apple was taking from its products through its store, it resulted in one of the most high-profile legal battles of the year. Epic began releasing videos that fuelled claims that Apple was a monopoly, while Apple removed Epic apps from its stores. There now seems to be a solution, but a legal battle is still set to continue.

Nvidia is expected to bring its GeForce offering to iOS users later this year, and the cloud gaming service is already allowing Mac users to play games like Fortnite. However, streaming games has still not been perfected, and it may lead to some player frustration.

The free offering of GeForce will enable players to enjoy the platform for free for up to an hour a day, yet dedicated gamers may need to look into its paid tiered service if they want to play the products of Epic Games on iPhones more frequently.

Either way, players will be glad that there is at least some way to play games like Fornite on their iPhones. Looking forward, it seems that this will be the easiest way to enjoy the battle royale fun on iOS for some time.

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