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IRCTC website crash

After the resumption of Indian rail service after more than one and a half months, now passengers are having difficulty in booking tickets online as the IRCTC website has been hanging. Heavy traffic is being cited as the reason behind this; Millions of people hit the IRCTC website for booking tickets at four o'clock. The matter has reached the railway authorities, but they too are not in a position to do anything immediately. Railway officials, however, denied the website had crashed. They believe that some data is still being uploaded, due to which people are bound to have initial problems.

Emergency for ticket booking

After a long time, after the introduction of the train service, there is a disruption of booking of passengers in every situation. The government has already banned booking through counter tickets or agents. In such a situation, every person seems to be struggling according to their Internet speed; It has to be seen how long the problem of online booking is solved.

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