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Is government spending too much on other businesses rather than spending their budget on Arts?

Yes, I think the statement is true. Nowadays government spends too much on other business rather than spending their budget on Arts. But, Do we really need Art for example various public monument, encouraging street performers etc? Yes, absolutely no doubt we need more art in the country, in our home and within our own minds. Creating more pictures, creating more poems and creating more artistic monuments helps in uniting the people and making the idea of successful nation. Imagine your town, your neighborhood and your nation clean as any other country, organized and build on progressive arts.

What the great deal with Arts anyways? Why the artists? Why not government jobs and safe 9-5 corporate jobs? Sometimes, few questions can only be answered by asking few other questions. Arts is a diversified field with enormous capability and endless routines of making a art cannot come from safe places or even working on 9-5 co-operative jobs. Art is long term and job is short term.

We live in a diversified country with rich heritage and with historical art which seem to be dying everyday due to various reasons. But, our country is a developing country our political views supports money. India needs more employment and jobs but not a cost of Arts. Encouraging arts though different mediums, facilitating arts a cultural platform will support Individual.

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