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‘Is it you in the video?’ Facebook Messenger Scam

In the reports ( Indian Express ) of 2020 Cybersecurity firm Sophos has issued a warning for a new Facebook scam.The researchers at the firm say that cybercriminals are sending a video link from the user’s account, which asks their friends to enter their

Facebook username and password.  The video link is called ‘Is it you in the video?’ If a user falls for the scam and enters their details in the link, they stand to lose access to the Facebook account.

When the username and password are added to the fake login page, it will get submitted to a server running on a low-cost web hosting service in the USA. This service is “using a vaguely legitimate-looking domain name that was registered less than a month ago,” as per a report by Sophos. This way scammers will be able to access your friend’s account. The firm says “there is no video, of course – the black image links to a URL shortening service, which in turn redirects to a URL that pops up what looks like a Facebook login page.”

How to know if the Facebook login link is fake?

Facebook was an early adopter of HTTPS-for-everything, so any page claiming to represent Facebook but doesn’t have HTTPS is fake. HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure and it uses the SSL/TLS protocol to encrypt data.

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