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Joe Bidan transfers presidency to Kamala Harris.

Joe Bidan steps down and transfers his presidency Kamala Harris to become the first women president of US briefly.

Joe Bidan is the oldest president in US history had his fully body medical check up

On Friday he will be getting colonoscopy and will be put under anaesthesia and will not be able to perfome his duties as a president, Ms Harris will temporarily take control over the US presidency including its military and Nuclear weapons. Whilst she will continue to work from her own office in the West wing during the time period Joe Bidan will not the cleared by the doctors that he is fit to perform his duties as president of the nation.

Joe Bidan will officially step down as president and let go off goods duties for short period of time before leaving for the hospital.

The temporary transfer of powers in such circumstances is not unprecedented and it was part of the US constitution.

This transfer of powers is also not for the first time

"As Was the case of president George W Bush when he was president. He had the same procedure in 2002 as well as 2007 and Vice President Dick Cheney was given the presidency both times.

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