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Just a day before Elections, PU student parties unite, sidelines ABVP

Students holding banners and protesting in Student Centre, PU (clicked by Mayank Chadha)

As the Panjab University is gearing up for the Panjab University Campus Students Council (PUCSC) elections on 6th September, campus is ever gearing for the electoral process. On Wednesday, just a day before the elections, the University saw a different twist in the tale with every political organisation being together against one of the leading student organizations, ABVP because of its offending stint on Tuesday night offering dinner to students at PU guest house even after the Code of Conduct was valid in the University. 

Students of Political Parties during protest (clicked by Mayank Chadha)

Every student organizations came together to protest in front of the VC office in campus against the authority's  ideology and the cancellation of ABVP's nominations in the upcoming election. The students burned effigy of ABVP, RSS and VC in front of the office as form of protest. Parties including, NSUI, SOI, INSO, HIMSU, SFS and all of the others united as one to raise the issue of intolerance. 

PU VC and ABVP effigy held by a student during protest (clicked by Mayank Chadha)

Ankush Monga, spokesperson for PUSU spoke, "We just wonder how come even after the Code of Conduct was valid in the University, ABVP managed to get the hall for themselves and violated all the rules. We have demanded action from the VC's office to provide some sort of punishment, so that it becomes clear that there is no biased views of the authorities on the elections." 

Vineet Sahrawat, leader INSO said, "We strongly protest ABVP's action to violate the laws in the face of the students. We want students to be motivated and to see that parties such as ABVP do not hold any right to fight in the elections after what they did. Even VC should openly declare that only ABVP contestants would be made to win, so that other students do not waste time fighting for the right cause in the campus." 

Students burning the PU VC and ABVP RSS effigy in front of the VC Office, PU (clicked by Mayank Chadha)

NSUI, Girls Wing In-Charge, Pahul Kaur said, "We don't want parties such as ABVP to fight elections this year and in fact VC should take strict action for banning them for another 5 years, so that it serves as a lesson to all. We have been complaining to VC since last night but to no use, till now there has been no action. If they can put a ban on NSUI candidate, then ABVP candidates shouldn't be any different from that." 

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