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Kabul bomb blast targets vice President of Afghanistan

The Show Time/ Vaibhav

There had been a bomb blast in Kabul capital of Afghanistan the deadly blast targeted the vice president of the country, Amrullah Saleh and more than 11 people dead in the blast. Mr Saleh escaped the attack with some burns on his face and hand. Amrullah Saleh was the former head of the country's Intelligence services. This attack came when the officials Afghanistan and Taliban prepared to begin their first formal talk in an attempt to end the 18 years of ongoing war between both nations Tareq Arain, a spokesman for Afghanistan's interior ministry said that the bomb targeted Mr Saleh's motorcade on his way to work. He said 11 civilians who were working in that area are killed and 15 people including one of Mr Saleh's bodyguards is also seriously wounded.

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