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Kangna Ranaut lashes out at the industry, calls Sushant's suicide as planned murder

Show Time | Sagar After the death of famous Bollywood Actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Actress Kangana Ranaut released a video on her social media where she slammed the Bollywood industry by calling Sushants’s death a “planned murder".

Sushant Singh Rajput, 34 years old, a rising actor was found hanging in his apartment on Sunday. The death left the Bollywood fraternity and the whole of the nation shocked. Kangana was also quick to point out that a guy who was intelligent enough to score highest ranks in Engineering and talks about Quantum Physics all the time cannot be mentally unstable as pointed out by various media.

In her video, Kangana made it very clear that whole propaganda in the industry is being run by certain selected people and media against the 'Outsiders'. Earlier as well, Kangana was very outspoken about the things like Nepotism and discrimination struggling actors face.

This time as well, she exposed what kind of harassment outsiders go through, she being a victim of that kind of torture. How their films and their works are not acknowledged properly, she also quoted an example for Rajput, how he wasn't recognized for his films like “Kai Po Che” and “Chichore” properly and instead films like "Gully Boy" took all the fame and recognition.

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