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Karim Mohammad is my most satisfactory character-Yashpal Sharma

Yashpal Sharma along with Director, Pawan Kumar Sharma were in the city on Sunday to promote their film, Karim Mohammed. The film based on terrorism and values put in a child by his parents is a result of a real incident that happened in Chamba. Speaking on the concept of the film, Yashpal Sharma spoke a lot with the media on many social issues that are disturbing the Indian scenario in today's Indian society.

Yashpal Sharma (clicked by Mayank Chadha)

Yashpal Sharma spoke about the plagues that are destroying India, "What are we doing as a citizen? Or even as a film industry? Making sleazy comedy films that are liked by no one? Why aren't we making films on more serious subjects? The content of the film is very important. That is why, as soon as I saw the script, I gave a go-ahead to the makers that yes, I would love to be a part of this film. The incident that happened in Chamba was that there were a few terrorists who attacked a certain village and a very young girl trekked 23kms to inform the police about the attack."

The concept and the content of the film is aptly explained by Yashpal Sharma, "In today's world, the kids are very curious about certain subjects. The educated have access to Internet and technology from where they can get the questions answered. Even, they can access some other elder's help who might misguide them. But, with the uneducated, like in the film, Bakarwals who just have their herd of sheep and animals to tend, answering every child's curiosity can be difficult. But, this story shows the other side. We need to be very sure of what valued we are providing our kids."

The flagbearer of Haryanvi cinema, Yashpal expresses his thoughts on the upcoming Independence Day too, "What's the use of celebrating Independence Day when in real sense we are still not free. Most importantly, we are not yet free to speak and our freedom of speech is somehow curbed. Even, in cinema we are not free to speak our minds. There are so many things like rape, mob lynching, and terrorism that we as a country are still not free of today even after 71 years of independence. Although, if we watch out our neighbor countries, we still are a developed country but, still there are things that we still have to take care of as a community. There's no use of taking out candle marches later on, when we cannot do something about it beforehand."

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