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By Nidhi Jindal | The Show Time

Psychology is the study of human behaviour, mental processes and experiences. As long as a correct behaviour is observed, nobody is bothered about the core subject, but as soon as we see some abnormality in human behavior say in any field, we tend to refer the subject. An insight is gained and consequently some solution is offered as concerned.

Today, amongst different branches of Psychology, I would want to talk on political psychology'. The relationship between politics and psychology is bidirectional. The hot topic of shifting from one party to another is on everybody's mind from two major national parties of India. The news of Jeeti Sidhu and Balbir Sidhu leaving the Congress party and joining the BJP party despite assuring that they will never leave the Congress party. Balbir Sidhu, portrayed the Congress party as his mother to whom he would always make proud of. This valuable statement of him can never let anyone doubt his intentions, but he clearly gave public a chance to ponder on such behaviour today.

This kind of politics is harmful for the country's growth and development. Where ,after declaration of the valuable statements by senior leaders or new leaders stands totally false, because they leave the party at the weakest time when that party needs those leaders the most.

People trust them, their words keep public calm after they speak of big dreams of a succesful party. But , this is how they make people fool with their oratory skills. Nobody takes the responsibility of working on the weak points, instead they want to take a shortcut of being a successful leader of an already established party. The system of unlearning all the values for a shortcut way to success will result in a dangerous situation of democracy. Let all the future leader know the importance of political psychology' to know politics deeply and make Indian democracy a success.

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