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Krishna Dairy Owner Murdered his family and committed Sucide.

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Chandigarh: Three murders that took place simultaneously in the house number 5012 of Modern Housing Complex in Manimajra in the city have been reported. And two children (son Arjun (16), daughter Sachin (21)) have been put to death.

According to what was found in the diary, the accused murdered his son and wife earlier in the day and then returned home from college leave. Was also put to death. It was revealed… .. This whole massacre was disclosed when Chandigarh police were informed about the attempt by the accused to commit suicide by the GRP police. On the Mansa Devi Railway Bridge, a train was cut off and tried for Suicide 1 year ago Aurora family came here to rent… Police said that Sanjay Arora had come to this house for rent about 1 year ago with his wife and 2 children. Sanjay Arora runs a dairy in Panchkula Sector 9 …… ..

Karamvir associate of Sanjay Arora (running own sweet shop by the name of Krishna Sweets, Sec-9 Panchkula) received a call from PGI intimating him about the critical condition of Sanjay Arora, he was referred to PGI from Hospital Sector-6, Panchkula where he was admitted. Sanjay Arora sustained blunt injuries on right side of head & other body parts after being hit by a train. He immediately rushed to the hospital and tried to contact the family members. When, he was unable to contact the family members on telephone, he went to the house of Sanjay Arora. On reaching there, he saw the gate locked from outside and on using torchlight; he saw blood under suspicious circumstances inside the house.

Sanjay Arora has a dairy in Panchkula, he runs a dairy in sector 9 called Krishna dairy.
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