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Let's celebrate fine lines of our grannies this Gorgeous Grandma Day!

Show Time | 23 July 2020

Let's welcome the gorgeous old faces with a heart of still Sweet Sixteen! Today is Gorgeous Grandma Day, and let's accept the fact that each and every granny is beautiful in her own ways. It is not always about wearing a fancy dress or adding extra makeup to your face, but it is always about the love that a grandmother carries in her heart for her grandkids. This day is a season wherein we can celebrate the grannies in our lives. Everyone believes that their grandmother is gorgeous – so what could be better than a whole day given to recognize that fact? Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are notable, so Gorgeous Grandma Day is a natural progression.

She is my 'Badi Maa'

She is more important to me than my mother, because she has given me a mother. She is my everyday kind of love, I can share each and every problem of my life with her only. We cook, read and laugh together. I have learned what patience is all about from her. I admire her for being just an amazing and so sorted

Wamil, with his granny Gaytri Pandit

I don't have her, but last impression is with me

"My granny may not be physically anymore with me, but she will always be there in my heart. She left us a few months back, but I can still hear her laughter and the motivation she used to shower at me. It was such a depressing event the time she left. Somehow, I managed to start appreciating this life again only because of her teaching. In her last days, she handed over me a 'peetal ka lauta' as her last impression. I will always keep it with me."

Aishwarya, with her granny Bhagwati Devi

"When everyone criticized, she hugged

When everyone thought of me useless, my granny showed her faith in me. I was never good at studies, but I tried my best. Instead of trying I could not make it. At that time, Amma came to me, holded my hand and gave me a hug full of inspiration and motivation. She asked me to do what I actually want to. After that, I started a business. And, I am sure that with her blessings I will be on zenith one day. "

Aditya, with his granny Kaushalya Jagmohan

She is my superhero

"I didn't know how to talk, because I am still a child. Haha! Children don't know a lot of good things, but elders make them realise what is good or bad for them. Same was the case with me. I used to chit chat a lot. But, daadi made me learn what to say and what not to. She recited a lot of stories to me of girls as superheroes. And, this made me understand how one can become a superhero. How? By understanding the situation. She is my superhero! "

Pari, with her granny Neena Sharma

Friendship is love, age is just a number

My granny is my best friend. I share my all problems and secrets with her. She made me learn that friendship is all about love, and age is just a number. When my friends see me loving my granny so much, they also try to connect to their grandparents. Isn't it beautiful! She us just my mom. I love her so much.

Aashi, with her granny Neeta Kapoor

I am the biggest fan of my naani. By doing this, she always takes care of her health. Nothing is more important to me than her healthy life. And, in return she keeps me encouraging to do well in life. She is my she hero. She made me learn how to use kiroshiya. She told me wherever you live, always keep the leagacy of India with you.

Kesar, with her granny Preeti Arora

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