Let's talk about MENTAL WEALTH

By Nidhi

Yes, you read it right! It's the mental wealth that needs attention amidst the pandemic. Wealth is not only regarded in monetary terms but also some psychological nostalgia going all over mind. Be it be happiness, virtues, emotions, resilience, strength building, optimism, gratitude, forgiveness etc. , each of it needs attention and has to increase.

This accumulated wealth is what is going to help us in overpowering the pandemic situation. Every pandemic comes with a bag full of depressed situations but COVID 19 can be viewed differently. It has given us time to improve our health and increase our mental wealth. Resilience is one such wealth that should be practiced to gain more and more. It helps us to fight Covid 19 situation in a very smooth manner.

It is our capability to recover quickly from difficult times. Each one of us should be greatfull and express gratitude each day. Forgiving others shows how much we value ourselves, our thoughts and let go of all the toxic material from mind and deep clean it. This mental wealth needs super attention today than any other monetary wealth. This will help you succeed in life and gives you an opportunity to live a quality life.

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