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LG going to shutdown it's smartphone division.

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LG definately one of the biggest Hardware technology company in the world right now with selling products all over the world and and in various line of products Laptops, Refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, smartphones and lot more.

However LG might be shutting down its smartphone line up for good. It's not an unknown that smartphone lineup of LG was not it's strong suit.

The LG brand put real efforts and a lot in R&D for its smartphone.

LG was the first and the only company till date to use a Quad-DAC system in their phones, meaning the phone can play the highest levels of audio files and support even the most powerful headphones that cannot run on other smartphones. Their LG G8X Thinq was the first smartphone to bring a detachable foldable screen which has a practical application at a price many times lower than Samsung's foldable phones, the biggest smartphone selling company in the world. Their latest innovation is the LG Wing 5G, a sleek foldable device that is set to compete against the Samsung Galaxy Fold series. Still, even with all these innovations and features LG isn't able to make an impact in the sales of smartphone market. Their phones usually drop in price within few weeks its launch due to pure sales. The company had major plans for its smartphone range with selling the worlds first rollable smartphone but with company deciding to sell or shutdown the smartphone business the future of rollable phone hinders.

LG smartphones in the past were one of the best selling with their partnership with Google Nexus phones they even played a major role in the hardware of the Google Pixel-2 but in current days the market is dominant with smartphones from companies with Samsung on top followed by Xiaomi and at third place Apple.

As per a report by Dong-A Ilbo, a South Korean newspaper. LG has been in talks with companies like Volkswagen and Vingroup JSC for selling off their smartphone division, but so far, the talks have not been very fruitful. If LG doesn't manage to find a buyer, then the company will be forced to shut down its smartphone division completely.

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