Logout campaign: Zomato said it will limit the Gold usage by a single user to one unlock per day

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

New Delhi: Online food requesting firm Zomato has contacted cafés again with its affirmation to update the Gold plan to confine the utilization by endorsers, a suggestion that discovered little footing with diners which named it as an "automatic" response to their log out crusade.

Declining to move on its remain on limited plans, industry body National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) said the rebuilding of the Zomato Gold plan would not resolve the key issue of profound limits and its individuals will keep on staying logged out.

Around 2,000 restaurants have logged out from the eat-in projects of Zomato and different stages since a week ago, Claiming that the profound limiting ideas by sustenance aggregators were harming their business.

Zomato has shot off mass messages to its café accomplices, illustrating the means it will take to restrict the utilization of its Gold program.

"All restaurants that dropped out of Gold during the logout campaign and sign back up on Gold before 26 August — they won't have to pay the sign-up expense to return back to the program," Zomato said in the letter.
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