Mankirat Aulakh's show disrupted in PU

Mankirat Aulakh's show was already in highlights in Panjab University campus for his song lyrics. The show was organized by INSO (Indian National Student's Organisation) but a person of the opposite party Vijay Kumar from AISA (All India Students Association) took offense to the singer's performance. According to a INSO member, who did not want to be named, the issue was created unnecessarily.

"We had already taken in written from Punditrao Dharenavar, Assistant Professor, Post Graduate Government College, Sector 46 that Mankirat shouldn't be allowed to sing his famous song Gangland. In fact, the fest was of Punjab University, so the professor wasn't even granted entry as he wasn't of the University and was standing outside Gate No. 2 the whole time", said INSO member.

The singer in question, Mankirat Aulakh spoke at the very start of the show that he has been asjed not to sing his songs and is already upset. The INSO member said,

"DGP Police was amongst the Chief Guest in the show, so till the time he was present Mankirat didn't sing the song but as soon as he left, Mankirat sang the song Gangland and that very moment Vijay Kumar called the SSP and till the time police came, Mankirat was already done with the song."

Furthermore, INSO alleges, "The police isn't the in-charge of the lyrics of the songs, it's the work of censor board. And as for Vijay, no one has ever heard of him and he did this all for his fame and name. If people had so much problem, they could all have given in written to us and we could have forwarded the request to the artist and in fact, if we knew we could have taken in written from the singer too that he won't sing the song. It was all a publicity stunt."

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