Manmarziyan Cast Loves the City Beautiful

Anurag Kashyap's Manmarziyan cast were in Chandigarh recently of which Abhishek Bachchan was all praises, "I just love Chandigarh. Coming from Mumbai for these kinds of roads to drive is just heaven. It's just beautiful. I spoke to Kiron aunty (Kiron Kher) just now l, I was like congratulations, the work you have done is amazing! The airport is just wow! The highways and the roads, is such a clean, disciplined city. It has a great civic sense. I want to come down here in winters because having paranthas in winters would be just amazing!", at this Vicky Kaushal chimed in, "Don't forget sarson da saag and gajar da halwa in winters though!" 

Images by Mayank Chadha

Vicky Kaushal relates himself with his Manmarziyan character saying, "Being a Punjabi, that naughty side is always there. It was quite easy to play the character and was really enjoyable. I was chewing the character and taking in the juice of that." 

Tappsee Pannu, said, "We are still Punjabi at heart. My parents still don't know the concept of flying to Punjab. My father drives for 8-9 hours to go to Punjab from Delhi. Today, also I told him that I'm coming to Delhi from Chandigarh, so he was like, oh, so you must be coming by road, right? And I said, no Dad, we will fly. We are Punjabis and have a big family all scattered in the region and every day there's some or the other function in our family." 

When we asked Vicky about his unique hairdo in the film, he said, "Actually, Anurag Kashyap showed me the picture of Sukhi with the same hairstyle and told me, we will try this look with you. I said okay, but at that time neither me or Anurag knew that it was Sukhi. Then, after sometime, I realised that Oh, my God, we are copying Sukhi and I told Anurag about this and he said so what? And put a dialogue in the film where it is mentioned that I have copied Sukhi's hairtsyle which is like an ode to the great singer. In fact, Sukhi bhai complimented that this look suits me so I was overwhelmed." Tappsee added, "Well, you cannot argue about Punjabi industry with Vicky as he's huge fan of everything Punjabi." 

About the online social media trolls, Tappsee said, "Vicky is new to this thing and hasn't experienced it yet but I think me and Abhishek always come under the knife. Whenever I'm free and not doing anything of importance, I do reply to these people and that too in an amusing way. I'm an entertainer, so I entertain my true fans with my replies and also through this, the people who are trolling me also get famous. So its a win win situation for all." 

Abhishek didn't want to comment as he said, "I don't want to comment on it. I just give them the replies whenever I'm free with my wit and humor. These people anyways don't deserve much attention." 

About his turban look in the film, Abhishek said, "I by now, know a few styles of tying the turban and have tried my hands on tying it 2-3 times. I think people love me in the look and I look Punjabi too. My father too loved this look on me in the film, let's see how my fabs react to this look as I am coming back to the screen after 2 years. I have been in the industry for 18 years but I have learned a lot from Vicky and Tappsee whether they agree to it or not." To which Tappsee and Vicky added, "Yes, you are our junior senior Bacchan!" 
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