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Mass protest over police blaming the victim in gang-rape : Lahore, Pakistan.

The Show Time / Vee D Ess

Pakistan in shock as women from all around the country are protesting against Pakistan police with moto "stop blaming the victim". It started after 9th September when a woman was gang raped in front of the here two children in Lahore. And the police head in media blames her saying why was she out late night all alone without a male from her family with her, why she took the deserted root to travel. After these statements from the police head women from all around the nation have come together in a protest against the police. They are demanding reforms and the state to protect women. The police head Umer Sheikh said that Pakistan is as safe as France for women safety. The reaction to his speech were nothing like the country has ever witnessed. More than 28,000 rape cases are registered in Pakistan last year and in India more than 32,500 rape cases were registered last year. Both south Asian rival countries are amoung the worst when it comes to women safety. This rape is now called as the motorway rape. What happened in the motorway rape ? At around 3am on 9th September. A woman ran out of fuel in her vehicle at the motorway leading to Lahore. She was traveling with her two children. After her vehicle stoped she called her relatives in Gujranwala who advised her to call the emergency helpline number and they also set off to find and help her. Mid 30+ two men broke into the vehicle stole here money, jewellery she was wearing. Then they raped her in a nearby field in front of her children and then escaped in the dark. She beeing in shock was still able to provide enough discription of her attackers.

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