Me and Sajid are great examples of Nepotism, says Laila Majnu's screenplay writer Imtiaz Ali

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

Bollywood's ace director, Imtiaz Ali in Chandigarh (click by Mayank Chadha)

Some love stories never die, they get recreated – re imagined & retold on the big screen.

One such epic love story is Laila Majnu, being adapted by Imtiaz Ali and directed by Sajid Ali.

Taking a leaf out of the classic folklore- Laila Majnu, the story penned by Imtiaz Ali and directed by Sajid Ali, is about two passionate eternal lovers. It’s a story that will live on forever, long before we were born and even after we die, the classic tale of Laila Majnu will stand the test of times in every generation. Set in the mystic backdrop of Kashmir, the film celebrates intensity, passion and the madness of love.

IMTIAZ ALI & EKTA KAPOOR come together to launch two young and talented new comers (Tripti Dimri & Avinash Tiwary) in Laila Majnu.

Director's touch, Imtiaz Ali in frame by Mayank Chadha

Imitiaz Ali praised the Chandigarh media on his recent trip to the city beautiful for his film Laila Majnu's promotional event, "The quality of journalism in Chandigarh is very good. For whatever films, I have been to the city, the journalists have always been depicting quality in their work."

Further he spoke about his connection to Punjab, "I have been to Punjab during my college days but one of my sustained visits was when I came to shoot Jab We Met. When we shot the scenes here, that made me understand the fabric of Punjab. At the moment, there is a very deep sense of spirituality that attracts me to Punjab. The essence of the State is very prominently showcased in my works." He also took a jibe on the existing debate of nepotism even though launching new faces through Laila Majnu, "It's Laila Majnu, so we wanted new faces the be recognized as Laila Majnu and not some actors faces. If it hadn't been Laila Majnu, we would have preferred some known faces. If you talk about nepotism, me and Sajid are the example of this. I think all that matters is your talent and how skilled you are."

Cast & crew of Laila Majnu (L-R) Imtiaz Ali, Sajid Ali, Tripti Dimri, Avinash Tiwari (click by Mayank Chadha)

Tripti Dimri, the newcomer actress said about the city, "This is my first time in Chandigarh and I haven't seen a lot around, but surely would want to explore the city." About her auditions for Laila Majnu casting,

Tripti says, "The first time I gave the audition for the film in 2016, but I wasn't selected. Then, again in 2017, situaes arised and I again gave the audition for Laila Majnu and I made it. I was rejected once, but I didn't let it come my way."

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