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Meghan & Harry's Oprah Interview Raises Critical Questions

The show Time/source The wire

As the furore over the “bombshell interview” swirls around us, and accusations and counter-accusations fly back and forth across the pond, what has become clear once more, is that misogyny and racism are inextricably linked to Empire, and that the media is complicit. When Oprah Winfrey sat down with Harry Windsor and Megan Markle to have a candid conversation, the resultant revelations seem to have rocked the British media and – dare we say it? – the hallowed British monarchy.

The duo was careful to leave the Queen out of the controversy, laying the blame at the feet of her advisors and “The Firm” instead. If the usage of the term brings to mind Tom Cruise single-handedly battling a corrupt and dangerous cabal of old fogies, then perhaps the implication is partly justified.

Because we all know that underlying the cutesy and curated pictures of the little princes and princesses and the breathless public frenzy over designer dresses, diamond tiaras, and fairytale weddings fueled by the paparazzi, is an institution and a family that has presided over a vast and ruthless enterprise of self- aggrandisement at the cost of nations, natural resources, and “natives” around the world. Where the modern monarchy is now little-more than a figurehead for that lost and nostalgically- remembered empire, its long-lasting position is as much due to the wiliness of its current head as to the British public’s enduring need to remind themselves of thegreatnessir once.

And we saw that happen in the British (tabloid) press and social media newsfeeds as mixed-race Meghan Markle had her fairytale wedding and joined the British royal family, and both, the British tabloids and white media pundits on UK television went about methodically eviscerating her. “Meghan makes Kate cry! Meghan bullies staff! Bridezilla Meghan ….”

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