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Mercedes-Benz launches the most advanced C-Class in Punjab; strengthens its sedan portfolio

Overwhelming customer response to the New C-Class: Mercedes-Benz India records 1000+ confirmed booking for the New C-Class even before launch; the highest ever for a single model in India | Current waiting period extends to 2-3 months

Punjab remains an important market for Mercedes-Benz India with sales growth of 47%

  • The C-Class is among the top 3 highest selling models in Punjab

  • The C-Class comes with longer wheelbase: More length, more width resulting in more legroom, headroom, shoulder and elbow room and for rear passengers

  • Technology powerhouse: Equipped with NTG7, latest generation MBUX, extensive personalization and biometric authentication, revolutionary Car to X Communication

  • New C-Class uses ISG technology achieving outstanding power delivery, yet having significant fuel efficiency along with reduced emission for all three variants*:

o C 200: 16.9 km/l (+29%) | 140g/km (-22%)

o C220d: 23 km/l (+22%) | 115g/km (-18%)

o C300d: 20.37 km/l (+15%) | 130g/km (-13%)

  • The price for Mercedes-Benz C-Class starts from INR 55 lakhs (C 200), INR 56 lakhs (C 220d), and INR 61 lakhs (C 300d) (all India ex-showroom prices)

  • Finance plans for the New C-Class starts from INR 60,000 EMI with flexible end of term options

  • Service packages of the New C-Class starts from INR 85,000 for industry best 3 Years and Unlimited KMs

Chandigarh: The country’s largest and leading luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz today launched the new generation C-Class in Punjab, setting a new benchmark in luxury and technology in the luxury sedan segment. The New C-Class (W206) underlines Mercedes-Benz’s significant progress in creating a world-class product, which combines the most desirable package of luxurious comfort and sportiness, in addition to being highly digital and sustainable. Santosh Iyer, Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Mercedes-Benz India, launched the all-new C-Class in Punjab today.

“We are delighted to launch the new C-Class in Punjab, which is an important market for Mercedes-Benz India. Punjab has displayed a consistent sales momentum and we are confident of achieving strong double-digit growth in 2022. We are witnessing a strong trend for ultra-luxurious vehicles and the segment has grown by 120% in Q1 2022. This strong growth can be attributed to an attractive portfolio, growing aspiration and strong recall value of Mercedes-Benz in the market. Our customers are seeking a combination of luxury, elegance and technology and the new C-Class will be a compelling choice for them. We are aiming for our most successful year in 2022 and the Punjab market will contribute to that growth immensely.” Santosh Iyer commented.

Strengthening Mercedes-Benz’s sedan portfolio:

“With this launch, our sedan portfolio comprising eight products gets bolstered, underlining the strong preference for luxury sedans. It is encouraging to see the strong emergence of luxury sedans making their distinct mark and we are confident the new C-Class will build on the success story of its predecessors. We forecast significant volume contribution to our portfolio in the coming years with the addition of the all-new C-Class.” Santosh Iyer added.

Human-centered innovation with luxurious comfort derived from S-Class:

“The C-Class is one of our global bestsellers and underpins today’s tech savvy customers’ desire from their luxury car: human-centered innovations combined with luxurious comfort and a sporty and modern design. The car utilizes the ISG technology to offer the best of power as well as best-in-class fuel economy. The new C-Class shares the DNA of the flagship S-Class and derives key luxury appointments and packs the latest in technology like NTG 7 infotainment, latest generation of AI powered MBUX, a revolutionary Car to X Communication, making the New C-Class the most advanced C-Class ever in India.” Santosh Iyer commented.

Top highlights of the new C-Class:

Attractive and sensuous design:

It is the most stylish and exclusive C-Class ever, applying MB’s design philosophy of 'Sensual Purity'. The design aims at creating desire through the aesthetic beauty of sensuous surfaces, perfect sporty proportions, and an extraordinary ambience in the interior

Highly tech-laden vehicle: (Adopted from New S-Class)

  • The New C-Class comes equipped with NTG7

  • Extensive personalization and biometric authentication

  • Wireless smartphone integration

  • Over the air updates: The software is always kept up-to-date

Latest (second) generation of MBUX: intuitively operated and learning

  • Loaded on technology with game-changing MBUX Connect features and "Hey Mercedes" powered by AI

  • Longer wheelbase: More length, more width results in more space for rear-seat passengers

  • +65 mm longer vehicle length (4751 mm) | +25 mm longer wheelbase | +21 mm more space for rear seat | +10 mm wider (2033 mm) | -9 mm shorter (1438 mm)

  • More legroom for rear passenger | More headroom in rear | More elbow room in front & rear | More shoulder room in front & rear

Hi-resolution central display (Inspired from the S-Class)

  • LCD Touchscreen | 11.9-inch screen | Resolution of 1624 x 1728 pixels | Tilted towards the driver by 6°– 7°

  • Car to X Communication technology (Adopted from S-Class)

  • Using the power of cloud connectivity, MB India equips the New C-Class with the ‘social network’ for Mercedes-Benz cars, Car-to-X communication technology, where cars can talk to each other, increasing the customer safety in real time

  • In total there are 5 different hazard warnings that Mercedes-Benz cars capture and transmit within the network: Rains, Skidding, General Warning, Accident and Winds

New engines assisted with 48V Integrated Starter Generator (ISG). First-ever diesel with ISG

  • Spearhead of the efficiency improvement measures is the new OM 654 M with an integrated second-generation starter-generator (ISG). It has a 48-volt partial on-board electrical system.

Digital Lights (only in the C 300d)

  • DIGITAL LIGHT has a light module with three extremely powerful LEDs in each headlamp, whose light that is refracted and directed by 1.3 million micro-mirrors. The resolution is therefore more than 2.6 million pixels per vehicle.

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