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MISS-INDIA RUNNER-UP Manya Singh, daughter of an autorikshaw driver proves that dreams do come true.

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Manasa Varanasi was crowned Miss India 2020, but runner-up Manya Singh also made everyone proud even if she did not bag the crown.

Manya, from Uttar Pradesh, is the daughter of an autorickshaw driver.

And her success is the result of years of hard work and many sleepless nights.

Manya revealed she had to spend many nights without food and sleep. She could not attend school as she had to start working in her teenage. “All the clothes I had were hand-me-downs.

I yearned for books, but luck wasn’t in my favour. Eventually, my parents mortgaged whatever little jewellery my mother had to ensure that I paid my exam fees in order to earn a degree,” she shared with Miss India in December 2020, adding how her mother suffered a lot to provide for her.

Talking about her motivation behind participating in Miss India 2020, she had said, “I am here today at the VLCC Femina Miss India 2020 stage to uplift my father, my mother, and my young brother and to show the world that all is possible if you are committed to yourself and your dreams.”

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