Mumbai now has more COVID-19 CASES and Deaths than China

Show Time | 8 July 2020

Source / Indiatimes

Mumbai now has gone past China in the number of coronavirus positive cases and deaths, as per a TNN report. COVID-19 was first reported in China in December 2019.

According to official data, Mumbai has 85,724 cases and 4938 deaths. In China their have been 4634 fatalities and along with 83,565 cases.

Also, China records single-digit new cases every day, less than those reported in Mumbai’s Dharavi area daily. However, this is to be noted that the state and civic governments’ various strict measures have ensured that Asia's largest slum is no more a COVID-19 hotspot.

According to the BMC, Mumbai's recovery rate is 67 per cent. The overall growth rate of cases in Maharashtra's capital is 1.60 per cent.


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