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"My sons never fit the Bollywood beauty standards"- P.K Khurrana

The Show Time | Chandigarh

A new 'Queen' is here to reign over the kingdom of modern pop. Queenn by Shilpa Dhar, the latest Bollywood Music Video blessed by her Guru Acharya P. Khurrana released, crossed one lakh viewership and is set to shortly hit Million Mark globe.

By the blessings of her Guru Acharya P. Khurrana, the video, on its very first day of

on December 7, 2021 is running successfully on different music and TV channels across the You Tube Music, Jio Saavn etc. Queenn is written and sung by Shilpa Dhar Khurana; besides, Queenn, also available on 150 audio platforms like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Gaana, producing and directing the same, with music given by Dixant Shaurya. This is Shilpa's second.

On Monday, Shilpa and P. K Khurrana interacted with media where the guru expressed his elation with Shilpa's overgrowing success, "I am happy to give all my blessings to Shilpa and her journey. I will be glad to see her on new heights of fame. Every word that Shilpa has expressed is like Saraswati Ma flowing from her soul”.

Shilpa is also experienced in the field of Tarot Card reading and Vastu Shastra.

On the occasion, P. K Khurrana also talked about his sons Ayushmann and Aparshakti, " I know my sons didn't fit the set Bollywood beauty standards. But that never failed their belief in their talents and that's the reason why they chose such out of the box scripts. They do discuss their scripts with me but I never compel them to select a certain script. It's wholly their choice and my blessings are with them."

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