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Mysterious Lights in the Sky Before or After Earthquakes: Correlated with Seismic Rift Zones

Earthquake In North India: On Tuesday around 10:20 pm, several states in North India, including the capital New Delhi, felt strong tremors from an earthquake measuring 6.5 magnitude that struck Afghanistan. Following the earthquake, netizens shared videos of "mysterious lights" in the sky, sparking curiosity among many. Scientists have since developed a new hypothesis to explain this phenomenon, known as Earthquake Lights.

What Scientists Say About Earthquake Lights

Reports of a mysterious light in the sky preceding or following earthquakes have been witnessed by people for centuries. Observers have described glowing patches in the sky before or during an earthquake, and photographic evidence supports these descriptions. Scientists have studied these reports over time and found that the lights are most commonly associated with seismic rift zones, where the earth is pulling apart

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