NEET & JEE! What’s the Matter?

The Show Time/ Sagar

Several debates happening around nationwide about the JEE NEET exam should be taken place in the COVID situation or not? For now, the NTA (National testing Agency) is conducting the exam on the upcoming 13th. Interestingly this topic has become political, rather than thinking from the side of students, who are going to appear for the exam.

As per NTA, they want to take the exam, so the academic year of the students will not get a dump. The ruling government of the country also supports this, for the sake of the students and their academic year. Another side of the story is, Opposition and various Social organisations of India feel that, due to continuing rising in the number of COVID patients, there would be a threat in the mind of students to get caught, while traveling one place to another. Another significant reason is that many states of our country are suffering from Floods, therefore, there is no way they can think about the exam for now.

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