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Neha Bhasin becomes the first Indian singer to release song against cyber bullying

The Show Time

Singer Neha Bhasin is all set to give a befitting reply to the regressive minds and cyber bullies through her upcoming track 'Kehnde Rehnde'. After facing the nasty, uncouth behaviour of trolls online's, she has dediced to put out a song with a strong message

The strong, impactful track, which will be available to music lovers on November 2, has a strong tone of disagreement over issues like slut shaming, sexism, cyber bullying and confining a woman to stereotypical standards of society. The multi-talented singer, who has become the voice of youngsters with her soulful music, believes it is about time that the society measures up the way women are treated.

"Kehnde Rehnde is my way of highlighting the sexism, biasness and shaming that takes place every day, every minute, on line and offline in our society. It needs to be heard loud and clear by those who endorse the ideology that a man needs to behave a certain way to be accepted in the society and women need to stay within the limits of 'tradition' to be accepted. It's about time that we put our foot down. Through my music, I intend to reach every nook and corner which gives shelter to these mindsets."

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