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NIRBHAYA CASE: Alive is a convict of Nirbhaya, few people know about him


New Delhi: According to the Death Warrant issued by Patiala House in Delhi, on Friday morning, all the four convicts of Nirbhaya were hanged Vinay Kumar Sharma, Pawan Kumar Gupta, Mukesh Singh and Akshay Kumar Singh. In this way, Nirbhaya got justice after seven and a half years. Let me tell you that on December 16, 2012, a 23-year-old paramedical student was tortured in a moving bus in Vasant Vihar, Delhi, which included a total of six people.

Five of them are Ram Singh, Vinay, Pawan, Mukesh and Akshay, while the sixth was an accused minor. An accused Ram Singh was hanged in Tihar Jail in the year 2013, while the sixth convict is alive and living his life in any corner of the country after completing his sentence from the Juvenile Court. Significantly, in the gang rape case with Nirbhaya, Delhi Police arrested six accused after a lot of hard work. One of the six accused, after being sent to jail, claimed that he was a minor. After this, when he came out with all the documents related to it, he had to be considered a minor.

After this, the court sent him to a correctional home instead of prosecuting him as a minor in view of the existing law at that time. In 2016, he was released from the juvenile court. Where is he and what is he doing? Nobody knows anything about this, but it is definitely news that he works as a cook in some state of South India. The non-governmental organization that made him skillful while serving his sentence in Juvenile says that he moved to South India from Delhi and is residing there and works as a cook there.

The work of cooking was learned by this minor convict during his stay in Delhi. It is said that there was no criminal record of this minor convict. Actually, he owed Rs 8000 to the bus driver. On December 16, 2012, he also went to collect his money. He was also involved in the crime along with the five while he was present in the bus at night. He came to Delhi in search of a better life at the age of just 11 years.

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