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Not Hijab Controversy, Saffron Controversy in Karnataka

The Show Time | Karnataka

09 Feb 2022

Since the video of a lone girl in burqa hounded by saffron clad boys in Karnataka has gone viral, whole nation is in shock. People are commenting that the country has gone backwards.

The Karnataka burqa row took an unprecedented turn on Tuesday, February 8, after chief minister Bommai announced the closure of all schools and colleges in the state for the next 3 days, a move that underscores the gravity of the raging controversy that first erupted last month when burqa-clad female students of a Udupi college were denied entry into classes because they were not complying with the college’s uniform dress code.

A petition was also filed in Karnataka High Court arguing that Muslim girls wearing Hijab/Burqa should be permitted to attend classes. The petition was filed by a Muslim student, asking the High Court for a direction to allow wearing a hijab in college, stating that it is her “Fundamental Right” granted under Article 14 and 25 of the Indian Constitution and “integral practise of Islam”.

On Tuesday, the Karnataka High Court heard the matter and advised students to maintain peace & tranquillity so that people are not inconvenienced. Justice Dixit said that the court has full faith in the wisdom and virtue of the public at large and it hopes that the same would be practised. The hearing will continue on Wednesday.

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