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Not ready for tomorrow! Duffer brothers confirm 5 deaths in Stranger Things 4 Season finale

The makers are going to drop the second part of Stranger Things 4 part 2 tomorrow and they have already unloaded a bombshell on all the fans out there in the world.

The Duffer brothers have confirmed that there will be some deaths in the season finale.

Sources have implied that 5 characters will die in the finale and fans are bracing that who all will die.

The Duffer brothers have formally confirmed that viewers can anticipate some deaths by the end of season 4.

A death was pretty expected, but the repeated confirmation that there will be more than one death is definitely concerning and surprising.

Not the cast or the creators have confirmed how mant deaths will be there but it is assumed that minimum of 5 characters will be wiped off the season.

Whether the deaths will be of main characters or side characters that is also let for the fan's fantasy.

Till then brace yourself for the most awaited Stranger Things season 4 to be unleashed tomorrow. 

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