"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within," says Anukreethy Vas.

Anukreethy Vas, the 55th Femina Miss India World 2018 winner from Tamil Nadu has

grown up on an idea, c Vas's transformation from a simple girl to now a beautiful diva is commendable, while talking to Bright Punjab Express she said, “I was a total tomboy who has represented school in the nationals in long-distance running

Image by Kulbir Singh Kalsi

Everything is new to me, from travelling to walking on heels to putting on makeup. In a month’s time I have changed totally, learned makeup from the YouTube videos”. Apart from modelling, Anukreethy Vas loves bike riding, singing, dancing and is also a state level athlete. While talking about the crown came to her, she equipped, “One of my friends was interested in participating and for fun sake she filled up my form too”

Anukreethy Vas has been raised by a single mother, and she credits her win to her mother, she shared, “I give 100 per cent credit to my mom for pushing me. I am a confident woman today because she has the strongest personality and she has brought me up like that. She could have asked me to continue with studies, but she has always supported me, despite being a single parent.”

The 19 year old is the second year student of French literature and she feels that if not here she would have been doing a job of translator. As she is here now, there is no looking back. Vas expressed, “After 17 years, Manushi Chhillar has brought the crown to India and I would never want that to go away. I am looking forward to keeping it in India. I will give my best”.

Anukreethy is the perfect combination of beauty with brain. She has working for the welfare of orphan children whose parents have been detected with HIV. Also has been working for the welfare of LGBTQ. On being asked, her future plans once she wins the Miss World Crown, she equipped, “I want LGBTQ to know their rights. Many of them don’t know what rights are written in the law. Education is the key for them to rise up.”

She adds, “Koyal Rana is doing well for herself and she hasn’t followed the fixed path. Manushi Chillar is busy with her Beauty with Purpose endeavours, so surely we all are doing something or the other for the good cause. So if I win I will surely make a difference to the society“.

Quick Takes:

Health regime: Gym and Pilates

Health goal: Habit of eating healthy.

Inspiration: Priyanka Chopra, as she is breaking the barriers.

Chandigarh: Clean and calm

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