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*Oh my God! Drunk Tanya creates mayhem in the house!*

Till now, the audience has seen Tanya’s in-laws insulting Geet whenever she visits them. But, it seems like Tanya has decided that she will stand up for her Bhabhi's respect! In today’s episode, it’s Tanya’s suhagraat(first night) and her in-laws discover that instead of a glass of milk, Tanya is drinking alcohol! Tanya is in a drunk state and bickers with her in-laws. Her in-laws leave the room and in her inebriated state her husband asks her to explain herself, and then Tanya reveals that she has green tea in her hands and enacts a scene so that her in-laws understand and stop disgracing Geet. Will Tanya continue these charades? Will Tanya’s in-laws accept this behavior of their daughter-in-law? Watch today's drama-filled episode of Geet Dholi at 8 pm only on Zee Punjabi.

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