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Oh my God! Vikrant is at Amrita’s doorstep!

Amrita has no idea about the surprise and at the same time the shock that she will receive today at her doorstep. She will face a tussle between her emotions for her husband and Vikrant. Khushwant had put Amrita’s husband’s belongings on sale online about which Amrita is clueless. As fate would have it, the mouth organ which is closest to Amrita’s heart as her husband’s memory catches Vikrant’s interest. To purchase the mouth organ, Vikrant comes down to Amrita’s home and she is puzzled about the fact that why is her favorite chef at her doorstep. What would be Amrita’s reaction when she gets to know the real reason why Vikrant has come to her home? Will Amrita allow Vikrant to take away the mouth organ? Check out today’s episode of ‘Sasse ni Sasse- Tu Khushiyan Ch Vasse’ at 7 PM only on Zee Punjabi to find out the answers.

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