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Omg! Will Bauji allow Amrita to enter the house?

Today's episode of Sasse Nayi Sasse Tu Khushiyan Ch Vasse will get tense when Bauji will restrict Amrita to enter the house as she went to the singing competition without his consent. Bauji had gone to visit his village but he returns home early and gets angry when he finds that nobody is present at home. Moreover, bauji's anger escalated when Pragya manipulated the situation and told him that Amrita and Ramnik have gone to a competition where Vikrant is also present. In outrage, he does not allow Amrita to enter th house and accuses her of disrespecting him being elderly, as she went on her own wish. Will Bauji keep Amrita out of the house? Will Amrita go to Vikrant for further help? Watch the full episode of Sasse Ni Sasse today at 7 PM only on Zee Punjabi.

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