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Panchkula MC demands pending Rs. 38 Crore from Huda

The Municipal Corporation Panchkula has demanded Haryana Urban Development Authority to grant them Rs 38.40 Crore in a letter written to the authorities. The pending amount totalling to Rs. 38 Crore in the past three years is of sanitation, maintenance of parks and electricity from the HSVP scheme of things. The finalization of the amount happened in 2015 when the handing over of six sectors  took place from HSVP to MC Panchkula. 

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Rajesh Jogpal, MC commissioner typed out the letter to the EO, HSVP in which he stated that, "During the time of the transfer of trans-Ghaggar sectors, it was decided that 75% of the recovery of extension fee, building application fee, composition charge, etc. recovery by HSVP will be remitted to the MC by15th of every month and 25% will be retailed by the HSVP. Besides this, recovery of the water and sewage charges and property tax would be recovered by the MC."

Along with that, the HSVP promised to transfer 50% of profit margin of the receipt of the unsold sites of all types made through sale or auction by HSVP after deducting updated cost increased on these properties. The decision of handing over the trans-Ghaggar sectors to the MC was took by the Haryana government in all the districts of Haryana for the transfer of maintenance of parks, sanitation and electricity in 2016.

While explaining the expenditure, the commissioner gave a further, brief of the payments amounting to Rs 15 lakh per month for sanitation, Rs 15 lakh per month for maintenance of parks and Rs 5 lakh per month on electricity, which makes a total of Rs 8.40 crore for the last three years. Adding Rs 30 Crore for the maintenance of roads that totals upto Rs 38.40 Crore as a pending amount on behalf of HSVP. 

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