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Parineeti Chopra Gets Back At Arjun Kapoor

As the B-town is gearing up for another release with Namaste England, Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra came to Chandigarh as part of the promotions and Arjun was all praises for the city beautiful.

Images By Mayank Chadha

He said, "I love the city. I make sure for every film release, we should be coming to the city for promotions. We shot Mubarkan here and it was amazing. It is a reference point for the whole of the country that how well-kept the city is. Swacch Bharat Abhiyan is the talk of the town, but Chandigarh is a shining example of how it has achieved it with a proper management. I believe, I'm proud as an Indian coming to Chandigarh."

The characters of the film are also based in Punjab where Parineeti is aspired to do something great and falls in love with not another man but a place which Namaste England focuses on. The actors believe that it is a story that everyone would relate to and since both are Punjabis, Parineeti speaks, "I have grown up in the North, So I'm very well aware of the culture and the challenges that a girl growing up in a small town can face. Of course, I understood the character and I really liked the character a lot. In fact, when I heard the script, I wanted Arjun to be cast in the role opposite to me", she adds laughingly, "Yes, Arjun I did your casting! So, yeah I wanted that when Arjun listens to the script he likes it and I prayed for it. People wanted to see us together after Ishaqzaade and this provided us the opportunity."

Why everytime Director, Vipul Shah opts for a British country to be focused in his films? Arjun says, "Maybe it's a thing that Vipul can explain better. Our storyline needed a Desi Videsi tadka to it. It showcases the feeling of why people feel more calm and composed when they are away from home. She is not away from home because she wanted to go on a world tour. She wants to be in a place where she can fuflil her dreams. And England is a place where there are a lot of Asians and they are given the respect and a platform to showcase their talent. From the point of view of Jasmeet's ambitions, England provided her the platform."

So, who was the most naughty on the sets and Arjun and Parineeti pointed fingers at each other. Parineeti says, "Arjun is the most biggest prankster that the whole industry knows. And I always try to get back at him but haven't succeeded till now. I even tried to push him off in the waters while on a cruise during the shoot. But, he's a big man, so, yeah, I couldn't do it. But, someday I will!" 
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